Thursday thank-you note

Acknowledgement for life’s quiet joys

I feel like last year, I gave a lot more air-play to what I didn’t have. It wasn’t just in my writing life but in my life life as well.

So, one of my new year’s resolutions that I’m going to make good on right now is to regularly think about things I love, big and small and say thanks.

Life is full of little loveliness that often gets overlooked and overshadowed by the bigger picture. I’d like to offer acknowledgement and thanks for books, authors, people, places, feelings, smells, rituals – anything and everything really.

I’m going to keep myself accountable by posting a Thursday thank-you note (who doesn’t love a bit of alliteration motivation) on Twitter and if it’s a big thank you it might spill over into a blog.

So, here’s to a new habit, may it change the setting on my dial to pick up and acknowledge all those small joys that usually only get a silent appreciation.

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3 thoughts on “Thursday thank-you note”

  1. What a wonderful idea! Looking forward to your tweets (and/or posts).

    I was thinking the exact same thing yesterday – that I spend way too much time wondering why x person has been acting cool & offhand. Or obsessing over probably not having an in-person launch. When I could focus on all the people (like yourself) who are warm and friendly and build others up. And I can obsess over a great book instead, or the clouds, or a long walk with the dog.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with all these small joys x


    1. It’s hard though, isn’t it, to un-train habitual grass is greener tendencies. But let’s give it a go.
      Also, come on, one dreams of getting published for a very long time and that includes an in-person launch. Of course the thought of an online one dents the dream a bit. You’re def off the hook for that!!


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